*Payment can take anywhere between 45-180 days after move-in depending on the property management company*   *Will only Pay when Apartment Complex Compensates us*

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Other rebate terms

  • The Texas Real Estate Commission requires we disclose to you that a rebate is subject to consent of the apartment community.

  • Texas Apartment Showcase and our Agents Name MUST be on the guest card and lease application and any additional paperwork.

  • The person on the Application must be the one Claiming the Rebate.

  • The TAS Rebate Request Form must be completed prior to receiving your cash back offer. (see form below)

  • There is only one rebate per person per lease (If there are two applicants only the primary receives the Rebate).

  • This must be the 1st and Only time you have lived at the complex you are claiming a Rebate for.

  • We do not offer rebates for current employees of the complex.

  • If you are referred by a resident or another apartment locating service you are ineligible to receive a TAS rebate.

  • The apartment complex needs to confirm it will work with all locators.

  • TAS must be paid by the complex prior to paying out a rebate (most properties pay out between 30 to 120 days after 1st months rent).

  • Rebates will be disbursed as soon as TAS has verified the apartment complex and/or management company has paid referral fee and the tenant has completed the Rebate Request Form below.

  • While the majority of the apartment communities out there pay us a commission of 50% to 125% of one month’s rent. Some pay more and others pay less.

  • hen we mail your apartment rebate to you, we will also send proof of the amount we received from the apartment community. This way you can rest assured that you are receiving the full amount as promised.


  • If you put another locators information other than TexasApartmentShowcase.com as your referral source (either in writing or verbally to the property), you will not get an apartment rebate.

  • f the community does not work with apartment locators, you will not receive an apartment rebate.

  • While apartment rebates are available to most renters, there are a few circumstances where we are unable to honor an apartment rebate request.

  • If your only renewing your existing lease, you will not get an apartment rebate.

  • If the community requires that we physically escort you to the apartment in person before they will pay us a referral commission, you will not get an apartment rebate;

  • If the community requires us to pre-register you before you can put TexasApartmentShowcase.com as your referral source, then you will need to contact us to do that before you can put us down as your referral source. Otherwise, you will not get an apartment rebate;

  • If you have been employed by the community (or a related property that is managed or owned by the same company), you will not get an apartment rebate;

  • If you have a relationship with one of the property managers or the owner of the community (or a related property that is managed or owned by the same company), you will not get an apartment rebate.

  • If for any reason beyond our control the apartment refuses to pay TexasApartmentShowcase.com, you will not get an apartment rebate; or

  • If the apartment community does not allow us to share part of our commission with you.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) regulates real estate brokers and sales agents, real estate inspectors, home warranty companies, easement and right-of-way agents, and timeshare interest providers.You can find more information and check the status of a license holder at www.trec.texas.gov. You can send a complaint against a license holder to TREC. A complaint form is available on the TREC website.If you have questions or issues about the activities of a license holder, the complaint process or the recovery funds, please visit the website